A man from Hitchin has found a fun way Retired Hitchin teacher builds ‘Furmula 1’-inspired obstacle course for squirrels. person. "I intend to build more elaborate obstacle courses,


© YouTube/Mark Rober A former NASA engineer built an elaborate obstacle course to get rid of squirrels in his backyard

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The Squirrel obstacle course video goes viral on youtube. Here is what happens next. In 2013 Steve Barley built the Triple Squirrel Assault Course, a collection of elaborate obstacle courses for the squirrels in his neighborhood. In this video two squirrels attempt to navigate the course and Barley provides play-by-play commentary. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober wanted to figure out a way to stop squirrels from targeting his bird feeders. He decided to build an American Ninja Warrior-inspired obstacle course in his backyard NASA Engineer Builds Impressive Obstacle Course to Stump Seed-Stealing Squirrels.

If they want the birdseed they will first need to pass through what is basically an eight-part ‘Ninja Warrior’ obstacle course for squirrels.

31 May 2020 "Imagine what this guy could do with NASA's budget," read a comment Captioned, "Squirrels were stealing my birdseed so I solved the problem fixes, he decided to build an elaborate obstacle course

wildlife and anything I can do to help I will - this is why we built the small wild corner in our garden," 2 Feb 2016 creates movie-themed obstacle course for SQUIRRELS in his garden route and even commentated for the intrepid guy as he went along. Squirrels were stealing my bird seed so I solved the problem with mechanical engineering :) Get your first month of KiwiCo for FREE!!! 29 Aug 2020 Michael Dutko, a 35-year-old hobbyist, has been creating art and household items from wood for most of his life, and even chronicles it on his  25 May 2020 Realizing that squirrels are way, way smarter than one may think, he went set up a Rube-Goldberg-and-Wipeout-inspired course that, if completed start to swish, and "the machine took a month to build and anothe 29 May 2020 So like any engineer worth their salt, he applied mechanical engineering to the problem and came up with an Ninja Warrior-type obstacle course  19 Jan 2021 Squirrels battle an epic bird feeder obstacle course: Watch San Francisco A man has built an NHS-themed obstacle course for squirrels in his  19 Aug 2019 When Steve Barley and his son built their first squirrel obstacle course back in 2010, they had no idea it would become such a delightful hobby  23 Jul 2020 Mark Rober set up his exceptionally entertaining obstacle course, complete with slippery poles, launching pads, and even, if you can believe it,  19 Feb 2019 Obstacle Course Racing, or OCR, is not a sport we hear about every day, As team captain Evan “Ultra-OCR Man” Perperis explains, “With a sport Read up on team captain Evan's words on who makes up this great team Fun for all ages. Big Horn Outdoor Sports has donated gift certificates for our overall man, women and youth winners.

Former NASA Engineer Builds Obstacle Course to Stop Squirrels. Hot gizmodo. com. Instead of just Man creates obstacle course for squirrel visitors with .

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Man builds squirrel obstacle course

Former NASA Engineer Builds An Obstacle Course To Try And ‘Squirrel-Proof’ His Bird Feeder By Timothy Roberts People around the world are now going through a sports withdrawal since the coronavirus pandemic has put many of those professional events on hold. Man brings drowned squirrel back to life!
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But Englishman Steve Barley decided to embrace  26 May 2020 Mark built an 8 piece American Ninja Warrior type course for the squirrels to get across, and when they did, they'd receive a large dump of  7 Jun 2020 Squirrels kept breaking into my "squirrel-proof" bird feeders so I had to outsmart them on my own :) Barley has put in both a lot of thought and labor into constructing a full-fledge obstacle course for his garden friends. He's also set up a camera to record their  27 May 2020 The former NASA Jet, propulsion engineer, Mark decided to do something to keep the squirrels at bay. He built an entire American Ninja Warrior  4 Jun 2020 Rober recently posted the epic squirrel obstacle course to his YouTube channel, noting that this was his mechanical solution to the problem of  Former NASA Engineer Builds The Perfect Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder And smell blood and building a glitter bomb, it's fair to say the sky is the limit for this guy.
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A man has built an NHS-themed obstacle course for squirrels in his garden as a "quirky" tribute to health service staff to make them "smile". Steve Barley, 55, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, made

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Mark Rober of BYU, NASA builds ninja obstacle course for · SALT LAKE CITY — After multiple failed attempts at keeping squirrels from stealing bird seed from bird feeders in his backyard, BYU alumnus and former NASA engineer Mark Rober used mechanical engineering to solve the problem.

He calls it an “8-part ninja warrior obstacle course.” Thus the 8-part ninja warrior obstacle course was born. First, the squirrels must cross the bridge of instability. So he set about building an intricate maze that was partially inspired by such television shows as American Ninja Warrior and Wipeout that would challenge the squirrels every step of the way. Or so he thought. If they want the birdseed they will first need to pass through what is basically an eight-part ‘Ninja Warrior’ obstacle course for squirrels.